• We were looking for an agency that was different. Consortium has delivered for us on many levels. Primarily they have helped make us the fastest growing University in New Zealand since 2004. To achieve this we needed insightful strategic input, dedicated account management that can service our complex needs and quality integrated execution across all our communications. Whilst we have enjoyed some amazing individual communication results over the years, it is the continued dedication to building our business that has won Consortium respect within the wider marketing team and most importantly with the Vice-Chancellor and Deans.

    I have worked with many agencies over the years and would unreservedly recommend Consortium.

    Vivien Sutherland Bridgewater, Executive Director University Relations, AUT University

    Long version of why we like Consortium: We have worked with the Consortium team since the very early days of our brands. We constantly search for non-traditional solutions and this is a huge strength of Consortium.

    Our Consortium team is responsible for a big chunk of our success. They are not precious buggers. Are honest and easy to deal with. We can short cut the long boring so called 'strategy' sessions and get straight to coming up with great ideas that build our business with these guys. And while they come up with some very fresh ideas (to put it mildly) it is always with end results in mind and not just for the sake of it. We love them lots.

    Short Version of why we like Consortium: They are bloody brilliant. We love them lots.

    Geoff Ross, Chief Vodka Bloke, 42 Below, Bacardi

    Consortium breaks the mould for New Zealand advertising companies.

    Martha McKenzie-Minifie, Media and Marketing Editor, New Zealand Herald

    Your team is nothing short of amazing. I have NEVER been so impressed with the quality and calibre of an agency team. They continued to strive for great work and innovation every step of the way. Plus, they were an absolute pleasure. Emma and I have both enjoyed them so much. They challenged us on all the right things and didn't let the ridiculous deadlines get in the way of great work. We promise to get you more lead time next time. :)

    Looking forward to a amazing continued relationship with the team.

    Please pass along our gratitude and thanks.

    Thank YOU all for making this happen. We are so happy with it!

    Cricket Wardein, Marketing Manager, Yahoo7 and Yahoo!Xtra

    Consortium has again hit the right spot in its second campaign for Telecom ... hitting the bullseye again .... This is smart advertising and a promising start to the portal under its new joint venture.

    John Drinnan

  • There is a philosophical difference between the way Consortium works and the accepted ad agency model. The structure has attracted a number of experienced and multi-skilled individuals who like to work in an environment that encourages intimacy and passion.

    Graham Medcalf, Editor, New Zealand Marketing Magazine

    This is Consortium. And if there is any mercy, this is the future. Dig around the Consortium website and you’ll find some of the most ground-breaking advertising this country has ever seen. Period. That innovation goes deeper than the product. In fact, the unerring quality of the product is no doubt a consequence of the radical revision of the traditional business model that Consortium has meticulously developed.

    Gavin Betram

    We believe Consortium is rare amongst New Zealand agencies. They offer us a unique set of specialist services and experience, as well as the ability to manage our brand portfolio both strategically and on day to day, actually hour to hour retail needs. They understand the demands of our franchise network and have adapted their business model to make it work for us. They’re great to work with and deliver us results.

    Tony Moffatt, Director of Retail, Stella Travel Group Holiday Shoppe and United Travel

    I have been extremely pleased with the results that have been turned out by Consortium. Not only is the work beyond what I expected but the experience working with Consortium is seamless.

    They are accessible around-the-clock, deliver the goods on time and translate my input. I have been in business over 30 years and have yet to have this good of an experience from any shop.

    Ronald C Fiorina, President , Boylan Bottling Co.

    When it comes to selecting any of our agencies, Sony NZ demands very high standards. We want the attention to detail and levels of creative excellence the brand deserves. This requires a lot of time and energy, from a team who really have a close understanding and passion for our brands and products. Given our market size and the budgets we work with in NZ, this is more often than not a tough ask for the bigger agencies to maintain. Consortium on the other hand have proven their ability to deliver to our testing demands, time and time again. They are not afraid of pushing boundaries, always work "with" rather than "for" us and are a valued arm of the Sony NZ marketing team.

    Working with an agency like this has helped us deliver two all-time record years in a row, and we’re looking forward to a third.

    Matt Walton-Smith, Marketing Manager, Sony NZ

  • The Consortium team brings a fresh perspective, energy, and resourcefulness to the Behance project. The team consistently impresses us with their level of talent and determination to add value. We are especially appreciative of the team’s willingness to leverage their own networks in clever ways to get us feedback and open new doors. I have no hesitation in recommending Consortium.

    Scott Belsky, Founder, Behance LLC

    The Consortium team shows tremendous passion for exceeding my expectations. They took the time to really understand my product and its attributes, and the result was both impactful and creative. I truly enjoy working with the team, and their enthusiasm is contagious. I have already recommended them to others, and will continue to do so.

    Doug Yeakle

    The team at Consortium is resourceful, on time, tireless, never at a loss in finding solutions to the most difficult problems and constraints, and always enthusiastic. They are a solid team of intelligent professionals drawing on the creative talent they assembled to meet goals established for our Dr. Andrew Weil for Tea and Sencha Shot brands. The mix of talent provided unexpected, fresh approaches to our challenges. I recommend Consortium’s services.

    Beau Bernstein, Marketing Director, ITO EN NORTH AMERICA

    Why would The Rock even bother writing a reference? We have a short-attention span, frequently take the piss and don't have time for adwankers. But here's the thing, Consortium are a new breed of agency that we quite like. Even though we still drink label-beer at our meetings with them, Consortium listen to - instead of assume - what is good for our brand. We can be challenging at the best of times as a 'meat-and-three-veg' client but Consortium have quietly contributed to taking The Rock to the next level, from fifth to the number one music station in the country - and the number one station for workplace listening - while we keep our middle-NZ platform. With Consortium we have a team that listen to our needs, chip in where chipping-in is required and not obsess about winning awards (we do that for them, does that make us wankers?)

    Katie Mills, Marketing Manager, The Rock

    We wanted to work with an agency that would become a natural extension of our own team - real people, who worked hard and in a professional way. We were looking for a solution that would help us clearly reposition our brand in the NZ market. Consortium has consistently demonstrated thinking, creative and marketing solutions that are innovative, effective and to brief. These solutions are not just one-size fits all traditional agency ideas, but ideas that drive our sales, brand, promotions, staff training and retail communications.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Consortium to any company looking to work with a talented, down to earth group of advertising professionals.

    Stephen Hodson, Managing Director, JVC NZ