We’re proud to have been involved in a number of brand transformations. Whether they involved traditional ad campaigns, digital, social, product design, brand ID or any range of communications sets, in the end they all share one thing in common. They produced results. Below are five of our favourites. If you’d like to know more about transformations we’ve been part of, give us a yell and we’ll happily go through them in more detail.
  • AUT University

    When Consortium started working with AUT in 2003, the challenge was to help their brand live up to their newly awarded status as a University.

    Whilst AUT compared exceptionally well with other Universities in specific areas, their history as New Zealand’s leading polytechnic meant that they had successfully built a student body with half of the students in pre-degree courses; and they had not yet awarded a PhD. To become a credible University they needed to shift this position with an emphasis on degree and postgraduate students.

    Our insight was to focus on what AUT did best. Where traditional Universities focused on medical schools, law, engineering and the arts, AUT excelled in preventative and rehabilitation health sciences, business, communications, product design and creative technologies, and niche areas like aquaculture and artificial intelligence.

    To us, these areas represented the new world. And hence, a central organising idea arose – the University for the Changing World.

    Fast forward 9 years:

    AUT has been the fastest growing University in New Zealand since 2004, with over 25,000 new students.
    AUT has almost 90% degree and postgraduate students.
    AUT has over 500 doctoral students.
    In recent brand research, AUT is regarded as New Zealand’s most contemporary University and leads the market in its core disciplines.

    42 Below

    In 2003 Geoff Ross, CEO of 42 Below, rang up one night and said “I’ve got this guy Darryl at DDB who you liked working with you at Mojo and I really want to work on my brand. Can you take him on?” At a dimly lit Korean restaurant on Upper Queen St, we met one of the finest men in advertising. A great and lovely man.

    In Darryl’s words the core insight was “Look at what the other vodkas do and don’t do that.”

    42 Below was the epitome of staying true to a central idea rather and not being bound by being visually consistent in a brand guidelines/design company way.

    Organised randomness.

    Find your voice and be authentic, and in this case stretch your perceptions around what is normal, safe and easy.

    The result was the fastest growing company in NZ – sold for $147m.



    The challenge was a fundamental shift in Xtra’s partnering from XtraMSN to Yahoo!Xtra. How does Telecom tell 1 million New Zealanders that Xtra is now with Yahoo!, and that it’s better.

    Our insight was that consumers don’t care about corporate mergers.

    Our idea was that X meets Y – simple chemistry and emotions that would explain itself.

    The result was that over 1 million New Zealanders visited Yahoo!Xtra each month, with 52% of the NZ internet audience. And for Yahoo!Xtra a top 10 favourite campaign in New Zealand.

    Auckland Airport

    Auckland Airport

    The challenge was to turn Auckland Airport into a customer-centric organisation, and in doing so help it change from a place you have to go to start your journey, into a place you look forward to visiting, and thereby increase the airport’s retail revenues.

    Our central thought was “Make Journeys Better“ – for airlines, for travellers, for retailers, and all Auckland Airport tenants.

    The result is that travellers have rated Auckland Airport a Top 10 Airport in the world three times. For Auckland Airport this translates into higher passenger spend. Given Auckland Airport is a public company it’s best to look online for their financial results, especially their share price. Buy some today because the best is yet to come!

    Murder Burger

    Murder Burger

    This one is personal as Paul started Murder Burger to prove that there was a better way to get a feed (and incidentally Murder Burger has been voted Auckland’s best burger 3 times in the last 3 years).

    We’ve included this as we think it epitomizes the essence of what we’re about. This prevails across everything we do – TV, social media, store interiors, product design, and of course PR.

    This word document was printed out as a one-sided black and white normal grade photocopier piece of A4 and sello-taped to the shop window.

    Then someone took a photo on their mobile phone.

    Then someone posted it online.

    Then 500,000 people viewed it; it got onto the news at 6PM; a huge number of blogs; and generated over 1,000 applications from around the world. Cool!

    We’re not saying your business needs a piece of A4 sello-taped to your window.

    But it might benefit from some ok ideas.